Fighting Yuka

November 10, 2008


Click to full-size of course. I was going to make this a few parts long (covering the fight and stuff) but then I’d need Photoshop… So maybe another time.

And if you couldn’t figure it out, Yuka came.


Yuka’s Flowers

November 8, 2008


And this is why you don’t go into Yuka’s flower fields.

Touhou RPG!?

October 15, 2008

I know. Scary thought isn’t it? But I’m always making up crazy ideas… It’s another story to FINISH them though. But I shall try. Though it wouldn’t hurt if you guys kind of nag me about it sometimes or I’ll forget. Anyhow moving right along…

Basic ideas are thought out. Going to use a Stat > Skill > Sub-Skill system. That is your Stat (levels) are dependant upon the level of the skills for that stat. And some skills have sub-skills. Obvious skills include Danmaku, Graze, and Melee. Some other skills will be the ever-so-fun ‘crafting’ skills, like cooking. But they’ll do stuff! I just haven’t decided WHAT exactly.

I’m also planning to use the Maid Power and Mansion ideas from Maid RPG. For the Mansion I mean a sort of “home base” of a sort where all the PCs live and can be modified and such with special stuffs to make your lives easier. Of course you could borrow the use of those rooms for OTHER places in Gensokyo like the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but that would require you actually know and befriend the inhabitants.

Speaking of befriending I want to also work out a system to allow you to befriend and possibly even romance Touhou characters. Because we all know that’ll be tons of fun. Including that you could always spur on some of the characters to romance OTHER characters, AKA quests. Yay for quests right?

Anyhow I think I covered the main points. Discuss? Ignore? Spam?


September 23, 2008

So I give you random funnies that I was told to put up. They don’t exactly connect, as they’re just random

Credit for the program to make these goes to Walfas.

It's not what it looks like!

It's not what it looks like!

None escape Yukari

None escape Yukari

Sanae's toy

Sanae's boytoy = Phean


September 21, 2008

Athletic Powers

Super Evasion – For 1D6 Stress completely avoid an attack. This is of course only good in an actual combat situation and only if you would suffer over 6 Stress.

Iron Wall – Use your Athletics attribute to defend up to two other characters. Essentially in a combat situation you can use your Athletics as two other character’s Defense roll for that action.

Trespass – Take 1D6 Stress to intrude on a battle, love scene, etc. This works for entering a room created via “World for Two” or to get past a locked door (if someone is in there).

Weapon From Nowhere – You can pull your weapon from seemingly out of nowhere. This allows you get a surprise attack, meaning you get to make an attack roll without the target getting to make an opposing roll (Treat their roll as ‘0’ for damage).

Giant Weapon – You have a giant version of your weapon. You get +1 to Athletics for attacking.

Ultimate Retort – Blow off an opponent by delivering a good retort (decided by the GM if it’s good enough). Alternatively take 2 Stress and it works anyway (but still must be role-played).

Affection Powers

Maiden’s Tears – For 2D6 Stress you can make a request that can’t be refused (must be roleplayed).

World For Two – For 1D6 Stress you can make a private little world for you and one other person that cannot be entered via normal means (Powers like Trespass or Lock Picking can have them enter however). This world lasts only 5 minutes (modified by the game’s time rule).

Power of Friendship – Take 1D6 Stress to remove 2D6 Stress from someone else.

Cooked With Love – Anyone eating food you make loses 1D6 Stress. Handy for a Maid who does all the cooking!

Windows of the Soul – You understand the Master better then everyone else. When you gain Favor from the Master you gain 2 more then normal. (i.e. If you gained 6, you get 8 instead)

Passionate Gaze – With just a glance you can ingratiate yourself with the master. Take 1D6 Stress to recieve 1D3 Favor.

Skill Powers

Lock Picking – You can enter any room you feel like. Your lock picking skills are just THAT awesome.

Stalking – When you are following someone they stand no chance of detecting you. Ever. Others can however, just not the target.

Lie Detector – Take 1 Stress in order to make another player or the Master admit if they lied or not.

Ultimate Menu – Add +1 to your Skill for any roll involving cooking.

Instant Cleaning – Add +1 to your Skill for any roll involving cleaning.

4-D Dress – You can get any item from within the mansion from your dress.

Cunning Powers

Punishment – When other maids make mistakes, you get to punish them without them making an opposing roll.

Instant Restraint – If you win a roll of Cunning vs Athletics, you can restrain someone from doing something indecent.

Coercion – If you win a roll of Cunning vs Athletics, you can completely damage or tear off someone’s clothing (even “accidently”)!

Trap – You always have a trap handy. Always.

Fake Crying – You can pretend to cry in order to replace a roll you would normally use Affection for with Cunning instead (must be role-played).

Mockery – When someone takes Stress you can mock them, making them take 2 more (must be role-played).

Luck Powers

Karma – You can use your Luck to dodge attacks. If you roll a 10 or higher, you will cause twice as much Stress (assuming you still dodged).

Saw It – You can declare you’ve seen something happen in the mansion and when.

Teleport – Go just about anywhere in the mansion instantly.

Escape – Flee battle without taking any Stress.

Foreboding – You can tell when something dangerous is coming.

Chance Meeting – By taking 2 Stress you can have an NPC that just showed up be an acquaintance from sometime before.

Will Powers

Immune to Pain – You do not take Stress in battle. You take Stress normally from any other source.

Crisis Adrenaline – Spend 1D6 Favor to make an Athletics roll to your Stress. Basically you are making an attack roll against your Stress, so if you succeed remove the amount of Stress you would have caused.

Persistence – All Stress you take is reduced by 1.

Tenacity – Even after being defeated in battle, you can take 2 Stress to get back to your feet.

Hard Work – You get +3 to all your Skill rolls. (Not +3 to your die or attribute but +3 to the total. If you rolled 10 you instead rolled a 13)

Absolute Maid – Regardless of your state of dress you do not suffer penalties for not being in maid uniform.

Characters of the Mansion

September 21, 2008

Stay tuned to this spot! As I messed up the initial versions I’m having them double-checked with the players before I post them. Also just check this post frequently after any games to see what you got!

o Sheba (Sakuya-san)
Athletics: 0
Affection: 1
Skill: 2
Cunning: 1
Luck: 2
Will: 2
Favor: 2
Spirit: 20
Type: Pure/Lolita
Uniform: Sky Blue
Quality 1: Tragic Love – Lover Died
Quality 2: Magic – Necromancer
Quality 3: Monster – Mermaid
Quality 4: Nekomimi
Quality 5: Accent – Foreigner (French)
Maid Roots: Who Knows?
Stess Explosion: Spoiled Child
Maid Weapon: Hammer
Maid Power 1: Tenacity
Maid Power 2: 4-D Dress

o Anette (AX)
Athletics: 2
Affection: 2
Skill: 0
Cunning: 4
Luck: 2
Will: 3
Favor: 4
Spirit: 30
Type: Sexy/Heroine
Uniform: Silver
Quality 1: Criminal Tendances – Killer
Quality 2: Angel
Quality 3: Magic – Onmyouji
Quality 4: Glasses
Quality 5: Neat Freak
Maid Roots: Revenge
Stress Explosion: Prayer
Maid Weapon: Chainsaw
Maid Power: Punishment

Master of the Scarlet Lanza Mansion

September 21, 2008

Name: Kriss Lanza
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Gold
Eye Color: Rainbow/Pink (Right/Left)

Type: Natural Born
Athletics: 1
Affection: 1
Skill: 1
Cunning: 3
Luck: 2
Will: 2
Spirits: 20
Favor: –
Prefered Type: Lolita
Special Qualities:
– Scars
– Otaku
– Perversion: Exhibitionist
– Monster: Succubus
– Bishojo

Power Sources:
– Blood Ties
– Magical Power
Stress Explosion:
– Sleep
– Katana
– None

Now if any of you have the handbook you’ll notice this isn’t the Master sheet… or really the Maid. I combined the two into my own unique set-up. Mainly because I wanted to be able to do more then just essentially give orders all day but I’m still considerably weaker then an actual Maid. I’m tinkering with systems that would allow Maids to ‘train’ the Master to increase her attributes or maybe earn a Power (the Maid would of course get something in return. I’ll be thinking on this idea for a while)

Basic Maid RPG Rules

September 20, 2008

Since not everyone owns the handbook I’ll tell you about the absolute basics you’ll want to know to save us from having to explain them constantly~


Athletics: This is essentially your Maid’s “combat” skill. Anything combat-related can, or maybe only, use this stat. You wouldn’t be using Athletics to say… Bake a cake or sew.

Affection: This is how good your Maid is at forming bonds and the like. This isn’t exactly how ‘loveable’ they are. You would use Affection for more ‘friend’-like things. Seducing would be generally influeced by Cunning, though I suppose you could use Affection as well. This is also used to determine your STARTING Favor, by this easy formula: <Affection> x 2 = Starting Favor.

Skill: How well your Maid does well… “Maid” things. Cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc. Some items also allow you to combine your Athletics and Skill for your Attack roll.

Cunning: Like Affection but this is how skilled you are at being ‘underhanded’. Cunning is largely use in Seducing rolls. Also good for lieing, bluffing, cheating…

Luck: How… lucky you are? With a good reason you can use this for just about any situation. Though don’t expect to use it dodge an attack and dodge gracefully; after all you got lucky and dodge. You probably tripped over your own shoe or something.

Will: How “positive or negative” you think. The biggest effect of Will is it determines your Spirits. Your Spirits is your Will times 10. So 1 Will means 10, 5 Will would be 50… And so on.

Spirits: This is essentially your “HP”. Whenever your total Stress (damage) goes above your Spirits your maid will suffer a “Stress Explosion”. By the normal rules you heal 1 Stress per 1 minute (in real life), though this may vary depending on the GM and scenario as 1 minute online can fly by very quickly.

Favor: Think of it almost like EXP. The Master (GM) rewards Maids who earn their, well, favor. Preforming good deeds for the Master, saving the Master’s life, or maybe just RPing a situation very nicely will net you Favor. Favor has many, many uses such as:
Improving Attributes: The formula is <stat> x 10 to increase. So to improve a attribute from 1 to 2 would cost you 20 Favor, as you are trying to reach the 2nd level of the stat. From 0 to 1 is 10.
Stress Healing: At the simple ratio of 1:1. So 1 Favor heals 1 Stress. Probably won’t be using this often unless you are near a Stress Explosion and are still in combat.
Bonus to Roll: Spend 1D6 Favor in order to either get +1 to your roll or +1 to your attribute for one action.
Random Event: Spend 1D6 Favor to start a Random Event, unless the scenario doesn’t allow you to start up a Random Event.
Also Favor is how much the Master “likes” you. If your Favor falls BELOW 0 you must either take -1 to oneĀ  Attribute, and you gain Favor equal to it’s cost (i.e. If you were at 3 and went to 2, you gain 30 Favor as it would’ve cost 30 to get to 3) or your Maid will be immediately fired from the mansion (So essentially you “die”).


Combat in Maid RPG isn’t just fighting – it means just about anything that involves two groups. So even ‘competeting’ against another Maid is ‘combat’. The way combat works is very simple. In a nutshell the Attack Roll needs to be higher then the Defense Roll for the ‘attacker’ to win. If the Defend roll is higher, then the ‘Defender’ wins. Here is how Combat works:

<Attack Attribute> x 1D6 = Attack Roll
<Defense Attribute> x 1D6 = Defense Roll

So for example:

Athletics 3 for the attacker and Luck 1 for the Defender. If the attacker rolls a 4 their Attack Roll is 12 (3 x 4 = 12) and the defender rolls a 6, so their Defend Roll is 6 (1 x 6). This means even a difference of 1 in an attribute has a big impact, since for example an attribute of 5 has a range of 5-30. An attribute of 2 only has 2-12.

Now to calculate ‘Stress’ is a bit different. It’ll be <Attack Result>/<Defending Attribute> so, for example:

In the previous example the attacker rolled a 12. The defender’s Will is only 1, so 12 divided by 1 is 12. The defender took 12 Stress.

Grouped Combat

Now in some situations you might come up to a truly difficult task, like say… Baking a cake and the GM will say it has a DC (Difficulty Check) of… 50. Now you’re probably crying becauseĀ  to even do that you would need at least 9 in the attribute (In this case Skill). But fear not! For Maids can pool their attack rolls into one! And this is how it works!

<Attack Roll of Maid 1> + <Attack Roll of Maid 2> = <Final Attack Result>

Of course you can group far more then just 2 Maids. Grouped combat is a good way to pass particularly difficult tasks or you can even combine attacks to really inflict some incredibly high Stress damage. Another interesting note that is in a Grouped action if you happen to fail only ONE Maid takes Stress. It must be a PC (So you can’t shove Stress onto some hapless NPC) however, and that Maid will take all the Stress of the failed result.

Stress Explosion

On your character sheet you picked something called a ‘Stress Explosion’ remember? Well whenever your Stress exceeds your Spirits you will suffer 1 of these. Basically until your Stress reaches 0 your Maid is forced to be doing what their Stress Explosion is. You can however still do anything you want, as long as it fits within your Stress Explosion.

So for example say your Stress Explosion was Teasing. You would need to be constantly Teasing people the entire time, but your Maid would still be capable of doing other tasks… So long as she was still Teasing people the entire time. Now a Stress Explosion like Seclusion would mean your Maid would just be locked up in her room all day and be totally useless.

Maids never die by default. There are some Uniforms (which will be explained later) however that will change your Stress Explosion to “Death”.

There is a way to avoid a Stress Explosion however. If your Stress goes about your Spirits you can opt to negate the Stress Explosion (but not the Stress itself) by allowing the opponent to pick any one thing to do to you. Be rather careful with that option depending on whom just made the Stress occur. You can’t choose this option if the Stress was caused by an event.

Leave Sanity at the Door

September 19, 2008

Welcome to the blog! I’m using this mainly as a way to track all the characters and scenarios/events I’ll be using, and anyone else, for the Maid RPG.

I’m new to blogging so expect lots of unorganization and frequenting changing. Don’t forget to bookmark, or just remember the easy URL!