Characters of the Mansion

Stay tuned to this spot! As I messed up the initial versions I’m having them double-checked with the players before I post them. Also just check this post frequently after any games to see what you got!

o Sheba (Sakuya-san)
Athletics: 0
Affection: 1
Skill: 2
Cunning: 1
Luck: 2
Will: 2
Favor: 2
Spirit: 20
Type: Pure/Lolita
Uniform: Sky Blue
Quality 1: Tragic Love – Lover Died
Quality 2: Magic – Necromancer
Quality 3: Monster – Mermaid
Quality 4: Nekomimi
Quality 5: Accent – Foreigner (French)
Maid Roots: Who Knows?
Stess Explosion: Spoiled Child
Maid Weapon: Hammer
Maid Power 1: Tenacity
Maid Power 2: 4-D Dress

o Anette (AX)
Athletics: 2
Affection: 2
Skill: 0
Cunning: 4
Luck: 2
Will: 3
Favor: 4
Spirit: 30
Type: Sexy/Heroine
Uniform: Silver
Quality 1: Criminal Tendances – Killer
Quality 2: Angel
Quality 3: Magic – Onmyouji
Quality 4: Glasses
Quality 5: Neat Freak
Maid Roots: Revenge
Stress Explosion: Prayer
Maid Weapon: Chainsaw
Maid Power: Punishment


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