Athletic Powers

Super Evasion – For 1D6 Stress completely avoid an attack. This is of course only good in an actual combat situation and only if you would suffer over 6 Stress.

Iron Wall – Use your Athletics attribute to defend up to two other characters. Essentially in a combat situation you can use your Athletics as two other character’s Defense roll for that action.

Trespass – Take 1D6 Stress to intrude on a battle, love scene, etc. This works for entering a room created via “World for Two” or to get past a locked door (if someone is in there).

Weapon From Nowhere – You can pull your weapon from seemingly out of nowhere. This allows you get a surprise attack, meaning you get to make an attack roll without the target getting to make an opposing roll (Treat their roll as ‘0’ for damage).

Giant Weapon – You have a giant version of your weapon. You get +1 to Athletics for attacking.

Ultimate Retort – Blow off an opponent by delivering a good retort (decided by the GM if it’s good enough). Alternatively take 2 Stress and it works anyway (but still must be role-played).

Affection Powers

Maiden’s Tears – For 2D6 Stress you can make a request that can’t be refused (must be roleplayed).

World For Two – For 1D6 Stress you can make a private little world for you and one other person that cannot be entered via normal means (Powers like Trespass or Lock Picking can have them enter however). This world lasts only 5 minutes (modified by the game’s time rule).

Power of Friendship – Take 1D6 Stress to remove 2D6 Stress from someone else.

Cooked With Love – Anyone eating food you make loses 1D6 Stress. Handy for a Maid who does all the cooking!

Windows of the Soul – You understand the Master better then everyone else. When you gain Favor from the Master you gain 2 more then normal. (i.e. If you gained 6, you get 8 instead)

Passionate Gaze – With just a glance you can ingratiate yourself with the master. Take 1D6 Stress to recieve 1D3 Favor.

Skill Powers

Lock Picking – You can enter any room you feel like. Your lock picking skills are just THAT awesome.

Stalking – When you are following someone they stand no chance of detecting you. Ever. Others can however, just not the target.

Lie Detector – Take 1 Stress in order to make another player or the Master admit if they lied or not.

Ultimate Menu – Add +1 to your Skill for any roll involving cooking.

Instant Cleaning – Add +1 to your Skill for any roll involving cleaning.

4-D Dress – You can get any item from within the mansion from your dress.

Cunning Powers

Punishment – When other maids make mistakes, you get to punish them without them making an opposing roll.

Instant Restraint – If you win a roll of Cunning vs Athletics, you can restrain someone from doing something indecent.

Coercion – If you win a roll of Cunning vs Athletics, you can completely damage or tear off someone’s clothing (even “accidently”)!

Trap – You always have a trap handy. Always.

Fake Crying – You can pretend to cry in order to replace a roll you would normally use Affection for with Cunning instead (must be role-played).

Mockery – When someone takes Stress you can mock them, making them take 2 more (must be role-played).

Luck Powers

Karma – You can use your Luck to dodge attacks. If you roll a 10 or higher, you will cause twice as much Stress (assuming you still dodged).

Saw It – You can declare you’ve seen something happen in the mansion and when.

Teleport – Go just about anywhere in the mansion instantly.

Escape – Flee battle without taking any Stress.

Foreboding – You can tell when something dangerous is coming.

Chance Meeting – By taking 2 Stress you can have an NPC that just showed up be an acquaintance from sometime before.

Will Powers

Immune to Pain – You do not take Stress in battle. You take Stress normally from any other source.

Crisis Adrenaline – Spend 1D6 Favor to make an Athletics roll to your Stress. Basically you are making an attack roll against your Stress, so if you succeed remove the amount of Stress you would have caused.

Persistence – All Stress you take is reduced by 1.

Tenacity – Even after being defeated in battle, you can take 2 Stress to get back to your feet.

Hard Work – You get +3 to all your Skill rolls. (Not +3 to your die or attribute but +3 to the total. If you rolled 10 you instead rolled a 13)

Absolute Maid – Regardless of your state of dress you do not suffer penalties for not being in maid uniform.


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