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Characters of the Mansion

September 21, 2008

Stay tuned to this spot! As I messed up the initial versions I’m having them double-checked with the players before I post them. Also just check this post frequently after any games to see what you got!

o Sheba (Sakuya-san)
Athletics: 0
Affection: 1
Skill: 2
Cunning: 1
Luck: 2
Will: 2
Favor: 2
Spirit: 20
Type: Pure/Lolita
Uniform: Sky Blue
Quality 1: Tragic Love – Lover Died
Quality 2: Magic – Necromancer
Quality 3: Monster – Mermaid
Quality 4: Nekomimi
Quality 5: Accent – Foreigner (French)
Maid Roots: Who Knows?
Stess Explosion: Spoiled Child
Maid Weapon: Hammer
Maid Power 1: Tenacity
Maid Power 2: 4-D Dress

o Anette (AX)
Athletics: 2
Affection: 2
Skill: 0
Cunning: 4
Luck: 2
Will: 3
Favor: 4
Spirit: 30
Type: Sexy/Heroine
Uniform: Silver
Quality 1: Criminal Tendances – Killer
Quality 2: Angel
Quality 3: Magic – Onmyouji
Quality 4: Glasses
Quality 5: Neat Freak
Maid Roots: Revenge
Stress Explosion: Prayer
Maid Weapon: Chainsaw
Maid Power: Punishment


Master of the Scarlet Lanza Mansion

September 21, 2008

Name: Kriss Lanza
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Gold
Eye Color: Rainbow/Pink (Right/Left)

Type: Natural Born
Athletics: 1
Affection: 1
Skill: 1
Cunning: 3
Luck: 2
Will: 2
Spirits: 20
Favor: –
Prefered Type: Lolita
Special Qualities:
– Scars
– Otaku
– Perversion: Exhibitionist
– Monster: Succubus
– Bishojo

Power Sources:
– Blood Ties
– Magical Power
Stress Explosion:
– Sleep
– Katana
– None

Now if any of you have the handbook you’ll notice this isn’t the Master sheet… or really the Maid. I combined the two into my own unique set-up. Mainly because I wanted to be able to do more then just essentially give orders all day but I’m still considerably weaker then an actual Maid. I’m tinkering with systems that would allow Maids to ‘train’ the Master to increase her attributes or maybe earn a Power (the Maid would of course get something in return. I’ll be thinking on this idea for a while)