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Yuka’s Flowers

November 8, 2008


And this is why you don’t go into Yuka’s flower fields.


Touhou RPG!?

October 15, 2008

I know. Scary thought isn’t it? But I’m always making up crazy ideas… It’s another story to FINISH them though. But I shall try. Though it wouldn’t hurt if you guys kind of nag me about it sometimes or I’ll forget. Anyhow moving right along…

Basic ideas are thought out. Going to use a Stat > Skill > Sub-Skill system. That is your Stat (levels) are dependant upon the level of the skills for that stat. And some skills have sub-skills. Obvious skills include Danmaku, Graze, and Melee. Some other skills will be the ever-so-fun ‘crafting’ skills, like cooking. But they’ll do stuff! I just haven’t decided WHAT exactly.

I’m also planning to use the Maid Power and Mansion ideas from Maid RPG. For the Mansion I mean a sort of “home base” of a sort where all the PCs live and can be modified and such with special stuffs to make your lives easier. Of course you could borrow the use of those rooms for OTHER places in Gensokyo like the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but that would require you actually know and befriend the inhabitants.

Speaking of befriending I want to also work out a system to allow you to befriend and possibly even romance Touhou characters. Because we all know that’ll be tons of fun. Including that you could always spur on some of the characters to romance OTHER characters, AKA quests. Yay for quests right?

Anyhow I think I covered the main points. Discuss? Ignore? Spam?


September 23, 2008

So I give you random funnies that I was told to put up. They don’t exactly connect, as they’re just random

Credit for the program to make these goes to Walfas.

It's not what it looks like!

It's not what it looks like!

None escape Yukari

None escape Yukari

Sanae's toy

Sanae's boytoy = Phean